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    Thomas Erber represents the quintessence of a bon-vivant

    «I would like to die with my wife.»
    Thomas Erber


    The New York Times wrote that: «Thomas Erber shows that luxury is about singularity and not about standardization». Former journalist for le Monde and Vogue Hommes has started his very own label “Le Cabinet de Curiosités” a couple of years ago, where he does what he does best: finding the «jewels» of our time.


    photographed by Elina Kechicheva

    Custom Surfboards by Cuisse de Grenouille

    Custom helmets by Costume Ruby

    In its essence, it is a strongly curated selection of creations, usually in limited edition. The range is enourmous, but Thomas manages to combine various possessions together; so that it all makes sense in the end. Whether he has a designer blueprint a limited edition surf board, or a customized knive — selections of high end photography, fashion or sculptural installations, it all comes together as Le Cabinet de Curiosités.

    This is a great place to discover some of the nicest things you always wanted to have. Oh, speaking limited editions: Thomas usually rounds his events up with a culinary experience, because after all this man is French, he knows his cuisine and he knows how to make use of the nice things in life. His answers to our ten questions »10Q« will give you some insight on who this man is:


    Enjoying the present time very, very hard…

    To be unable to define my fears although I have many.



    So many things.. To be alive, to still be with my wife after 8 years, my son, the cabinet, my journalist years…

    A white gold ring from Boucheron.

    Work, talk to my son, make love.

    When they critique me when I am wrong.

    Leonard Cohen

    With my wife.


    visit le Cabinet de Curiosités

    Food creations by Bertrand Grebaut, Restaurant Septime, Paris

    Balloon Truck by Scarlett Hooft Graafland