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    A digital magazine about inspirational places, people and micro-environments


    Mirus is a digital magazine about inspirational places and people. Each issue is dedicated to discovering overlooked and under-explored neighborhoods of the major metropolises via contemporary narratives and portraits. Whether it being an unknown, but striking neighborhood in Sarajevo, an evolving „barrio“ in Barcelona or a small district in Detroit that is helping to revitalize the city. We set foot on new terrain, dig, ask, photograph and report back. Each issue is dedicated to a single neighborhood, whereas we will focus on the new, the unpredictable and always authentic. Urban- and suburban developments and the shifts of people’s behaviors and how it influences their surroundings are of great interest to us. Mirus is in many ways a local magazine with a global approach and we tend to pick out the non conform ideas and at the same time don’t forget about the history of that environment and how it will influence future generations to come.

    Make sure to check out our Reports section where we fabricate individual portraits of people, places and things we like.



    Are you someone who has got something to say or show and feel that Mirus could be the place to spread your message? We are currently looking for photographers, illustrators, artists and writers, opinion molders and urban visionaries who want to join the ride. Send us a short summary of what and why you want to contribute and add a few samples. Do not send us unsolicited material via post unless it is for us to keep.


    Mirus is one of the leading digital magazines for authentic storytelling. While our followers and subscribers are a sophisticated audience, we are sceptical about marketers interested solely in clicks and impressions. We are much more looking for brands that are in it for the long run and understand that brand building takes more than just spreading to the masses. While we can offer you regular ad space, why not partner up with us to support an issue or a Spotlight Report or maybe a special project of a new kind? Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for new and creative ways of brand building.

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