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    Care for some German Engineering with a touch of Miami?

    Story, photography Stefan Jermann
    Image post production Nick Tandy


    Switzerland might not seem like your best bet when it comes to catching fresh air in a convertible. The grey winter days at times seem endless, the longing for the sun to pop out can turn into a desperate mind game! However, we got the chance to ride one of those brand new 911 Targa’s in a spectacular Miami blue color. The Targa, for all the clueless non die hard fans is sort of a compromise of a convertible, but in our opinion it is probably the best solution if you want to ride topless. So we took that gentle beast up to a real Swiss mountain and had a hard time of letting go afterwards.

    First up, the fully automated roof that you can control with your keychain is simply grande cinema. The glass, fabric and metal lid open and close in a spectacular way, like you have never seen a roof appear and disappear, even David Copperfield would rest in awe and silence. The roof per contra should not be operated too close to a wall nor can it be activated while driving. We don’t see this as a negative point, cause with every toy and tool you gotta do your homework first, right?


    While we’ve experienced a few shy drops of rain, the sun now pops out and after a quick break we are topless and ready for the ride. Yes, there are cars with more horsepower than 420 (309kW) and a torque of 500 Nm, but unless your name is Walter Röhrl, a rallye legend that was coined by Zeit as Germans best pilot, we bet you will be impressed by the swift and fearless acceleration this Targa rattles off with. Breathtaking, mind-boggling and surprisingly easy to maneuver. A quick tap on the gearshift behind the steering wheel: first, second and third gear will catapult you towards different dimensions and the fun factor pops right in. The permanent active four wheel drive and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) vest you with a constant feeling of safety and well being, only the original sound and eventually a rainstorm will crack the whip out of your comfort zone.



    So who should get this ride? after all it does have a hefty price tag. We make it easy on you: A) You want to enjoy that breezing air but still keep your hair due, which you mostlikely won’t with a regular convertible. B) You want one of the safest and most advanced cars with a great touch of history and C) You want power and speed and ride like on a cloud with the active suspension management that absorbs all the little flaws of your not so champion-like riding skills.


    911 Targa 4S in Miami blue starts at
    CHF 160’100 incl. Mwst, Porsche Swiss Package and warranty extension (2+2)


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