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    Miriam Danielsson

    The one who dares wins!

    Hesitation is not her thing. The young Zurich photographer and graphic designer Miriam Danielsson much prefers to take her camera, go out and make the finest street and fashion photography. They are often everyday yet extraordinary scenes, original and professional pictures with interesting people in the focus. Especially when she is working in Milano, Paris or London at one of the famous Fashion Weeks. We wanted to know from Miriam what is hot right now and what role creativity plays in photography.


    Miriam, how have things started for you after the pandemic, what is the state of play?
    Things are slowly getting back to normal. There are a lot of events in particular this summer, which makes me very happy.

    You were at several fashion shows this spring, what were the highlights?
    Vetements in Paris and Sunnei in Milano were my personal highlights. They both had an exciting catwalk concept that made the models take a more aggressive walk or even run.

    What do you look for when choosing your models, photo subjects, street pictures?
    I look for diversity, interesting compositions and a certain intimacy between the subject and the camera. If the photo triggers something in me, it’s usually a good photo.

    What do you think is most in demand right now, what do clients expect?
    Video (moving image) and all-round productions are very much in demand. Clients want to have as much as possible done in a single production, which demands a lot from a freelancer. Without a well-rehearsed production team, it has unfortunately become more difficult to accept larger orders.


    How is the fashion world developing?
    Now there is a focus on digital fashion. People are slowly trying to create a middle ground between fast fashion and sustainability. In the future, you will probably be able to subscribe to or rent clothes from central service providers, just as you can already get music and films from digital service providers today.

    How do you define creativity, how do you live it out?
    For me, creativity means being curious enough to act. As soon as my curiosity gets hold of me, I often want to explore/fix/implement it.

    Why is creativity especially important in today’s world?
    Through creativity you can create an outlet and get to know yourself better. Creativity has always been important for human development and that hasn’t changed today


    What are your next projects, what are you preparing for?
    I’m preparing for Men’s Paris Fashion Week in June and along the way I will hopefully get to shoot some festivals this summer.

    Why is photography so fascinating?
    Photography fascinates me because it allows me to capture a unique moment in our world and bring our unstoppable time to a brief halt. And it gives me the opportunity to show others how I see the world.

    Do you have a tip for all creative people and photographers out there?
    Go travel!