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    LA Plataforma

    La Plataforma is a contemporary art gallery and creative production company located in an old printing house that was refurbished by the end of 2011. A generous open space, divided into three areas where every two months an exhibition takes place. As part of the artists’ promotion, dining events are organized in order to approach an audience to the arts, says director Claudia Costa.

    From the very beginning the objective of the gallery has been to showcase contemporary artists belonging to art circuits in an original way. The project was started with contemporary artists who were already recognized in their field and needed a space to promote their work.

    Part of the core concept is to create a bridge between cities to promote the artists in an international manner. As part of the winter program, the gallery organizes an art, design and cuisine showroom where the works of the gallery along with furniture by new designers are showcased. Various chefs also hold dining events. The original concept is to relate art and cuisine in a more personal and intimate way.

    Just like many other spaces in Poblenou, La Plataforma used to be an abandoned industrial space, which, along with the uprising of the neighbourhood, was refurbished into a creative space. In this case, an old printing house was transformed into an art gallery and production company. The name La Plataforma, which means the »platform« in Spanish, was chosen because the space is also a bridge among artists, art consumers and collectors from around the world.

    Thanks to the space that has been set up to receive guests, La Plataforma is also a point of encounter for events and new culinary experiences. In accordance to its values of being a space open to the development of new creative enterprises, starting in 2012, La Plataforma becomes the headquarters of the Poblenou Urban District where Claudia Costa has been taking a lead role in order to connect various businesses, art schools, design studios, restaurant, hotels and events happening in the district. Each year a very useful map is being created and constantly extended to show visitors how diverse and interesting Poble Nou is.

    Some of the artists exhibited at La Plataforma are:
    Diego Mallo; Patrick Thomas; Ricard Aymar; Sergio Mora; Karel Cudlin; Serena Salvadori; Angela Bonadies; Ricardo Miras; Lidia Mombiela; Fran Romero (Asis Percales); Oriol Tarridas; Enrique Radigales; José F. Muñoz; Daniel Berman; Jonas Benarroch