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    Electric Flyer

    Los Angeles automaker Icon is best known for creating classic-looking 4x4s for well-heeled off-roaders. Its latest offering, however, has just two wheels and is made for the pavement. Icon’s E-Flyer, developed in concert with Silicon Valley–based Vintage Electric, is roundly retro—all WWI-era motordrome racer lines topped with a Brooks leather saddle—but it’s boosted by a thoroughly modern electric motor. The rear-hub-mounted drive has two settings: a 750-watt mode for tooling around at 20 mph and (if you sign a waiver) a 3,500-watt mode that’ll let you zoom down country lanes at 35 mph. It takes two hours to charge, weighs 69 pounds, and has a range of about 30 miles. Just 50 E-Flyers will be built, and with a sticker price of five grand, this electrifying ride will also shock your wallet.

    Jonathan Ward’s company is actually better known to do stunning custom rebuilds of classic SUVs such as Land Cruisers and Jeeps. You can easily drop a 150K on a totally restored and one of a kind Ford Bronco, or get a Jeep that you can’t get with your ordinary dealer. Ward demonstrates that the trend to individually customized cars proves to have a market, not only for italian super sports cars or british luxury wheelers.