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    Topos – Cities and landscapes

    Cities and landscapes as places of human existence: Tobias Madörin’s work from two decades..

    Louis Vuitton, Flagship store, Champs Elysées, Paris

    For more than twenty years, Swiss photographer Tobias Madörin has been working on his photo series Topos. Creating staged tableaux in the manner of nineteenth-century painters, Madörin investigates the interaction between the inhabitants and their surrounding environments in countries as diverse as Spain, Uganda, Indonesia, and Japan. His large-scale images examine communal spaces, the outskirts of metropolises, waste disposal sites, and landscapes marked by agriculture and mining. Madörin’s work reveals that these locations are the products of human visions and ideals, yet they are also places of environmental exploitation. This tension, as well as Madörin’s intelligent and empathetic approach to his subjects, makes his photographs evocative and complex. This book includes lavish, full-page photographs, many of which have never been published previously, and an introductory essay by Nadine Olonetzky that explains and contextualizes the photographer’s oeuvre.

    Tobias Madörin, photographer, lives and works in Zürich. Numerous travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Various gruop and solo exhibitions internationally since 1992.


    Tobias Madörin: Topos
    edited by Nadine Olonetzky/ Scheidegger & Spiess AG
    325 x 280 mm
    224 pages
    ISBN: 978-3-85881-372-5