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    Grodno is a place on the border.
    Grodno is surrounded by nature, between the forest and the sea.
    People are going to Grodno to relax and have a holiday.
    In Grodno the sun is shining during the day, but then it gets dark quickly.
    At sunset everything seems to slow down and withdraw.


    And leaves space for ones solitude


    Grodno is on the border between Poland and Germany.
    I had the chance of going to Grodno in July 2016. Located in an area of the Soviet period and now used as a holiday colony.




    Photography Walter Borghisani

    Walter Borghisani’s visual narratives have a cinematographic feel. At times there is a distance in the mood and at times his images confront you with a daring reality and boldness. When Walter is not working on his personal photo projects, he curates photo exhibitions in Italy.

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