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    An Unexpected Perspective – Odiseo

    Odiseo is a project by Albert Folch Studio which in tasteful terms redefines the picture of the traditional erotic magazine. Speaking of “magazine” — Odiseo is much more a book than anything else and it has been making such huge waves that every volume so far has been completely sold out. To look at Odiseo is a true joy and the photographs, artwork and writings are carefully edited and curated. The days are long gone when Playboy mags need be hidden in the closet, but now there is even a better reason to increase the appeal of your coffee table: Odiseo. If you like minimalistic design, nice paper and stuff that seems to be done with a lot of labour for love, then this is what you should get. Having said that, this issue is probably sold out and Volume 4 will be soon to. Drop the Folch’s an email and see if they still have a copy for you. Very limited, very chique, very oh la la.